To Hell With Lead Magnets

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Every marketer and their brother have said something to the tune of…

“Da-Moolah is in da-list” 

If you’ve been around for any amount of  time, you’ve heard this. 

It’s as old and worn out as Biden. ​​

As a result, most will put all their marketing efforts into building list…

Using lead magnets to build ’em. 

You know the freebie-shit. 

The idea here is that if you give good stuff away, then they’ll trust you and buy everything in site. 

The freebie is supposed to get your prospect all hot ‘n bothered and worked up into a frenzy just begging to buy.

Or at least build a bond for the know-like-trust factor.

They open your messages, follow you, and just adore the helloutta you.

All because you give ’em something free.

That’s valuable.​​

Back when I started with SEO launches, I noticed something early on that was very telling. 

The launches were broken down into 2 phases. 

First phase was the pre-launch, lead phase

​​All with an effort to get the people into the funnel and grab the freebies. 

It was to show some results or something cool that people would be blown away by.

Also it was to kick off an event. 

It was like you’re participating in something big. 

The 2nd phase was the launch itself. 

Where they opened the cart and sold to those that opted in from the pre-launch phase.. 

For the Joint Venture partners and affiliates there were two contests. 

One for the pre-launch lead phase. 

And another for the sales phase. 

At the end of the launch, they’d tally all the numbers and send ‘em over to the affiliate partners. 

You know what happened? 

Rarely did the leaderboards match. 

You’d have some random dude that would win the leads contest but would barely crack the top 20 in sales. 

Doesn’t make sense – aye?

Initially this left me scratching my head.

But over time, I realized

There’s degrees to this stuff. 

But… answer me this honestly…

When is the last time you opted into a freebie and then bought? 

I’d say chances are good it’s been a while. 

When I had ZERO on my list, I was making more than some with 20K – 50K leads. 

I hate to break it to you. 

But getting leads is not necessarily always the answer. 

Soon, I’ll be pulling the curtain back and explaining what I mean in detail.

And this comes from analyzing countless promotions over the course of the last 15 years.  ​​​ 

Derek Pierce 

PS – I should also add that the optin form on my site here is disconnected 😂

But is using what I call Invisible List.

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