I Wouldn’t Do This If I Were You

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DP here and the last couple of days we’ve been talking about Black Friday 

Yesterday, I talked about the 3 camps that most of your marketing-gooros fall into. 

(In case you missed it, you can read it here.  https://derekpiercemedia.com/black-friday/

Today, we’re diving into why these work so well. 

And I’ll be sharing the one big thing you must promise me you’ll never do. 

First off… 

Why do these offers work so well?

Is it because of the discounts given?  

What the hell is it?

Maybe some of it has to do with perceived value however that’s not entirely it. 

The notion that you can mark something down for a couple of days just wouldn’t cut it. 

It’s way bigger than that. 

It has to do with the psychology of what’s going on in the moment. 

Black Friday is an event in of itself and the conversation is already being had whether you want it or not. 

People are being conditioned to spend money this time of the year whether they have it or not. 

And it’s been conditioned into our brains since before I was even born becoming widespread in the mid-80’s

That’s why this is so damn effective. 

And yes, it works extremely well for digital marketers.

There’s just one thing – I wouldn’t recommend you do.

It all boils down to discounting your service work.

Just don’t do it. 

I know some of you reading this are in deep with local type services, reputation management, and SEO. 

Avoid doing any kind of discounts on the service work itself. 

It’s my experience that you’ll find it harder to sell the service moving forward if you start discounting the actual work 

(For example- links, GMB rankings, Videos,  that sorta thing) 

Instead, it’s better to find another angle. 

Maybe you do a discount on consulting, provide some tutorials to package up your knowledge or use a low ticket info offer to sell your other stuff.  

Which brings me to the most profitable Black-Friday approach of ‘em all. 

I’ll explain in tomorrow’s email.

Be sure you’re on the list if you’re not already.

That’s where all the good things happen.  

I’m out till tomorrow.

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