Leading with Free Stuff? Read This First

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Yesterday, I promised I’d reveal what happens when I lead with a freebie didn’t I?

Lets get into this… 

First a warning… 

This is going to sound kinda rude but I want to illustrate my point. 

Back in my old hometown of Muscle Shoals there’s a city about 5 minutes north called Florence

It’s where I attended college. 

In 2018 or so, they started this homeless shelter. 

Nothing wrong with that and I fully support helping the homeless. 


With that being said, there’s got to be some parameters and resources in place to get people back on their feet. 

Training, help, counseling, and mental health. 

There’s an area in Huntsville that’s doing an incredible job of this. 


The place in Florence didn’t do any of that. 

They sorta bucked the system and fought with the city over and over again. 

No guidelines. 

Just free meals and a warm place to stay. 

The people didn’t have to do anything to show they were trying to get help or jobs.

Just show up ’n get a hot meal. 

I’d go get my haircut at this place called Greasy Hands in downtown Florence.

There were homeless guys with newer iPhones than I had using the outlets outside to charge ‘em.

Fast forward a year later. 

I see more and more homeless people. 

Everywhere downtown is flooded with the homeless.

It’s getting worse by the day. 

Now, all of a sudden, I go out to eat. 

I’m getting hit up. 

Then I’m reading about stabbings and people getting mugged. 

You’d never imagine any of this going on before. 

So, what’s the lesson here?

If you give handouts.

There’s going to be more people looking for a hand out. 

So how does this resonate with lead-magnets and using freebies to get leads?

All of a sudden, your swarmed with people looking for more and more of the da-freebies. 

Your entire ecosystem is composed of people looking to you to give ‘em a hot plate. 

Here’s been my real experience…

Many will get mad when you make a pitch, expecting that you’re just going to hand them a hot blonde and a bag full of dough.


Often, once they get the lead magnet – they bounce never to return. 

You give away some of your best stuff to someone that loaded you up with a fake-email or never giving you another look or open. 

It’s like you’re building a house on sand. 

In other words, these leads are often more problems.

You’re fighting an uphill battle that’s going nowhere.  

Which makes it super important today now more than ever. 

See, there’s new rules that kicked off today. 

My opinion is it’s all in an effort to cut down on the cold outreach and sheer volume of unwanted emails to enhance the user experience. 

Now, if more than 3 out of every 1,000 people mark your emails with that 4 lettered nasty word named after a canned food. 

Then you’ll end up in that same named dreaded folder. 

Kinda wild – aye? 

Which is why I’m killing off all my freebie list outside of my webinars. ​​

Even the webinar offers are going through a process to weed the tire kickers out. 

Buyers typically don’t do that. ​​

Going through shutting these optins up like a tomb. 

Combing through any potential oversight or any possible back doors over the weekend to make sure no one can get in. 

Instead I’m focused on something called the invisible list. 

Tomorrow, I’ll break it down even more and how it all plays out in the launch game. 

Derek Pierce

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