To Black Friday Or Not – That Is the Question

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Over the next few days, you’re going to see 3 separate camps with regards to Black Friday. 

I’m doing this so you can see clear distinctions in each in order to help you orchestrate your own Black Friday offer but instead of one time a year – how to do it every month.

Here it goes…

The first camp is going to try ’n sell you their Black Friday offer. 

In most cases, this is re-hashed stuff from years ago at 50% off. 

If you’re not creative at all and don’t have the energy to pull it off, these types of offers work and will still generate an influx of sales. 

I’ll get into the why here in just a moment. 

The second group is the “snooty” spa-like group of marketers. 

It’s the ones you can picture without a hair out of place and having their regular photo shoots for branding.

They’d never be caught wearing a pair of jeans on camera and never think of sporting a big ass beard.

These are the guys that are talking about their offers being so good they refuse to discount. 

They’ll often talk about how Rolls Royce never puts on a sale and they’re too good to make it happen. 

The 3rd group is those that turn Black Friday into an event. 

It’s where you orchestrate something exciting, something eventful that has everyone excited about your release and-uh little bit of anticipation on what’s to come. 

This camp will be more work but will take the majority of the Black Friday hoopla. 

Want to know which camp I’m in?

None of these 3 are right or wrong. 

It’s important to see the distinction and realize each of them is nothing more than positioning. 

And not to take the same approach as your favorite-gooroo. ​​

It’s your business and you run it how you want. 

That’s the beauty about this online gig. 

You do you. 

But I will caution you against one thing. 

That’ll break your heart when it comes to your offer. 

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll explain this heart-breaker of a campaign that you must never do. 

Derek Pierce

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