Did My Lambo Bring You In?

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DP here just wrapping up another successful ge-rage gym workout. 

And right before I came in I started watching some vids on the Tubes and saw a couple of ads. 

I think it’s worth mentioning because there’s an important lesson here in all of this

The first ad was displaying some dude flexing a lambo-type sportscar. 

The second was a guy making fun of the lambo sports car ads referring to his Nissan. 

Both approaches are pretty common but here’s my take on it in what I call the…

Lambo Ad Vs. Lambo-Bashing Ad 

The first ad with the lambo. 

My question is – did you come to me or buy anything because of my Lambo

I can answer that one for you because I don’t have a Lambo.  

Not knocking it because I think they’re great looking cars but I’ve never really been a “car” kinda guy. 

My question then is this… 

Do you even know what I drive? 

Does what I drive make a determining factor in if we do business together?


The Lambo-Basher Ad. 

These are guys trying to make fun of the Lambo’s and the Private Jet styled ads. 

The idea here is to come across as transparent and almost being an anti-guru. 

But as Sean Vosler said perfectly in a Fakebook post last week. 

“The Anti-Guru is still a Guru”

It’s just a different angle to use because many of the anti-gurus don’t have a lambo to flex with. 

If they did, they’d sure as hell use it. 

My take?

I don’t like either approach for one big, gigantic reason… 

—> These ads are focused around “Me” instead of “You” 

So the lambo style ad as well as the lambo-bashing ad are centered around the guy in the ad.

Like “look at me- look at me” 

Let’s focus on what I’m driving.   

There’s not a clear-cut benefit to the customer. 

No here’s what you’re gonna get kinda talk. 

Chances are you don’t give a damn about what I drive. 

Or where I live. 

And I believe a lot of people don’t run ads and get sidelined with creating because they think they need the shiny shit to keep up appearances. 

Not so. 

Truth be told. 

My house. My cars. My stuff. Where I live. 

Doesn’t help a thing. Doesn’t hurt a thing.

And yours don’t either. 

Which is why I love this internet gig so much. 

As long as you’re focusing on solving other people’s problems. 

It doesn’t matter where you’re from. 

Where you live. 

Or what you drive. 

The bottom line is this. 

Don’t let what you don’t have or what you perceive to not have to keep you from going all in. 

Put the focus on benefiting your customer… 

Get in front of the right audience. 

At the right time. 

And make the offer. 

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